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Another New Year

Posted Monday, December 31, 2012, at 2:44 PM

Another New Year has arrived. After all of the talk of the Dec. 21 doom's day dateline, I suppose we should be pleased to still be here to enjoy another Jan. 1. I don't put a lot of stock in predictions but many people do.

Several years ago, maybe 1990, we had an earthquake prediction and many people left the area for a few days. The school did not even have half the attendance on the predicted day of the earthquake. My daughter asked if we were going to stay home. I told her I was going to work and she was going to school. I believe we should be as prepared as we can be for any disaster, but I do not think we can sit around and wait on one to happen.

We don't know what will happen tomorrow and I suppose that is a good thing. If we knew what was going to happen tomorrow, we would spend too much time worrying about it today.

We have seen a few tornadoes come through our towns and we know those come through quickly. I do pay close attention to the weather warnings and try to be prepared if and when the next warning comes our way.

Most of us remember the ice storm of 2009 that took our power lines down leaving us without electricity for a few days to a few weeks.

Through all of those disasters we saw people work together and help each other. I remember hearing the chain saws and looking out to see my neighbors cutting the tree off my porch so we could get out of our house. Following the tornado we had the Red Cross and other agencies but we also had our neighbors helping with the clean-up.

Resolutions are made each New Year and I have been thinking about what I would like to see in 2013. Like everything else, resolutions change with one's age. At this stage of my life (I have been around for over 60 New Years).

I was a long-time smoker but I quit three years ago so I can mark stop smoking off my resolution list. I have to admit, most years I really did not want to quit smoking so I did not use that resolution every year. I would be sincere each year in thinking I would get on a diet, exercise, be more organized, etc. As we all know, thinking and doing are two totally different actions.

My resolutions for this year would include taking more interest in others' needs rather than my own and striving toward being a good friend. Of course I really could benefit from a good diet and more exercise, but more than likely that won't happen.

My true resolutions for next year would be to see our country be at peace. I would love to see the family units as a whole become stronger. I would like to see our government officials working together to solve some of the problems our country is facing. I would love to see a smile on every child's face because they have nothing to worry about except being a child. I would like to see us go through a year without senseless shootings of innocent people.

I realize that is a lot to ask for in 2013 but I can only hope and dream some of it will come true.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope 2013 brings us all a good year. Don't forget your black eyed peas, cabbage and hog jowl on New Year's Day. It is supposed to bring us good luck. I guess it works. I am still around for another year.

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