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Surviving Black Friday

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012, at 10:53 AM

Retailers now appeal to every group of Christmas shoppers including the night owls, early birds, and those who would rather stay home. I had never heard much about Cyber Monday until recently but I suppose it is a good alternative for those who do not like crowds.

There was a preview to Black Friday as shopping now starts on Thanksgiving night for some stores and continues to the early bird specials on Friday. If none of those appeal to us we can go on line on Monday and finish the job.

I admit I was one of those thousands of people out there Thursday night and Friday morning looking for a bargain.

I have heard some people say there is not enough savings in the world to get them out there in the middle of that madness. Then I have heard others rave about how much they love it.

My husband and I have been Black Friday early morning shoppers for many years. This year we decided to try the Thursday night shopping. We decided if we didn't like it, we would just come home.

We made it through the night but we spent a lot of hours in check-out lines. I am not sure if I saved much money but I am sure I am getting a little old for all of the hustle and bustle.

As I stood in one of the long lines and heard the complaints I decided if a person is in a hurry, they do not need to go on Black Friday.

I heard about fights but I did not personally see any problems and for the most part people were pretty nice. I like to go but if it comes to I have to fight for something, I will stay home. I did feel sorry for the workers because they had a hard time.

If I had a complaint it would be not limiting some of the good sale items. Shoppers would grab dozens of the sale items leaving the "more polite" people in the back of the line to find empty bins. I did discover if you walk around the store you can find some of the items discarded. Either people change their minds or don't want to stand in the checkout lines. It was good for me because I got two of the items I wanted because someone changed their mind.

I suppose you either have to love it or hate it. I consider it a test of my patience. I wasn't sure how I would like the night before shopping but once I got my second wind and midnight coffee, I was good to go again so I guess I am one of those people who love it.

We are about to get really busy with the Christmas season. There will be parties, activities, cooking, shopping, wrapping, and decorating. Let's not forget to keep our priorities in order and remember what Christmas is truly about.

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