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Get the candy ready

Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2012, at 3:10 PM

We will need to watch out for the little trick-or-treaters because they will be too excited to watch out for us.

Kids have always loved Halloween. I can remember growing up the 1950s and going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Like today, we dressed up in whatever character costume was popular and had a good time.

We would go home, empty our sacks and take stock of the candy. You would have thought we had never even seen a candy bar. My mother did limit our candy intake during our growing up years. We could have candy, but not a whole sack of it. It was like a candy Christmas.

I have never minded welcoming trick-or-treaters and giving out candy. We keep the porch light on so they can know we are participating.

Some people do not like to participate and that is okay. We should also let the children know that not everyone can afford to give out candy. Many people who are on a fixed income may not be able to purchase candy and children should be taught so they can understand.

I am not up on today's costumes but I am sure they will range from the cute to the hideous. Some of the costumes are even scary in the daylight.

I have never been very creative, but when my children were growing up and attending Halloween dress up parties I could do a pretty good gypsy, pirate or hobo. I always preferred the homemade costumes.

It is a shame we live in a world where we have to be suspicious of even the candy given to the children. My grandmother used to give out popcorn balls. Everyone loved her individually wrapped, homemade popcorn balls. Today, that just wouldn't work.

In many areas it is not safe for children or adults to be out. This makes me appreciate our towns on Buffalo Island. We may not be perfect but for the most part, we can still go out with our children and feel relatively safe.

Again, let's keep safety first. Children should be accompanied by an adult, they should be able to see out of their costumes, wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight, and have a good time being a kid.

There will be churches and organizations hosting events and that is a good alternative to trick-or-treating and can be fun for the young people.

Halloween time makes me realize how fast the year has gone by and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

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I always enjoy Revis' Ramblings. Brings back lots of old memories of friends never forgotten!

-- Posted by Sandra Petty on Tue, Oct 30, 2012, at 8:18 PM

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