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Good to be back home

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2012, at 3:58 PM

Vacations are great, but it is also good to get back home. We usually take a week in October and visit our son and his family. They are again living in Virginia which is a very nice place to visit.

Through the years we have tried to visit in October because our grandson celebrates his birthday on Oct. 11. We have celebrated in Texas, Virginia, and even in England. His sister has a Christmas birthday and most years they are home for the holidays so we get to celebrate with her, also.

Our son retired from the military about a year ago and now they make their home in Yorktown, Va. My only complaint about the area is the traffic. I am afraid I would never be comfortable casually driving around like I do across Buffalo Island.

We decided to change our plans a little and instead of taking the usual Saturday to Saturday trip we decided to take part of two weeks. We also decided to fly instead of driving the 1,000 miles.

We left on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Our plane was a little late so when we landed in Atlanta we had to hurry to make the connecting flight. We are a little old for running but we made it. We were thankful the plane we needed to board was about 15 minutes late, also.

We had a wonderful week but came back in a storm on Wednesday night, and thanks to a detour we were in the air an hour longer than planned. But, all in all, it was a very good trip and as always we enjoyed our time.

The bad part of flying is packing. There is just so much I can get in a suitcase. I am too tight to pay the extra $10 for a second bag, so I pack all I can in one and my carry on is a little heavy.

When we drive, we have at least two large suitcases, a hanging bag, a make-up bag, a cooler filled with soft drinks, two bags of snacks (we never get around to eating it all), and save a little room for shopping along the way.

When you fly, there is no room for shopping or extras but there is less traveling time giving us more visiting time. Truthfully, I usually only wear about half of what I pack anyway. Flying makes the unpacking easier once we get home.

I won't give everyone a day by day travel log of my trip, but it was certainly good and I think everyone needs to get away at least one or two weeks every year. I still cannot understand why a day of vacation goes so much faster than a day of work. The time just flew by and it seemed we had just arrived and it was time to say good-bye.

Several years ago I had a friend who had recently retired and was planning a trip to visit his children. He said he was worried that he would not know when it was time to leave. More than likely our children will tell us when it is time to go home.

I hope we did not overstay our welcome or disrupt their daily routine. Like other families with children, they do stay busy. I am happy they made a little time for us.

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