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The busy season is about to begin

Posted Monday, October 8, 2012, at 6:37 PM

I recently was in a store when I noticed an aisle of Halloween items across from an aisle of colorful Christmas decorations. It was in September when I made the observation and I really thought it was a little early to be putting out the Christmas ribbons and bows.

My next thought was: where are the Thanksgiving items? I was not the only one who noticed the early Christmas display because another shopper asked if I thought the Easter decorations might be on the next aisle.

The way time flies I guess we don't need to waste it. Christmas will be here before we know it. The Christmas items in the store did get me to thinking and I did the math -- we only have 76 days until Christmas Eve. Personally, I do not shop on Christmas Eve. If I don't have it by then, I will just forget it. We have our family gathering on Christmas Eve and I am much too busy cooking and finishing my wrapping to think about shopping. I can only do one or two things at once.

Where has the year gone? 2012 came and most of it is behind us already. Christmas will arrive on a Tuesday this year.

Before I can start thinking of Christmas I must get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Trick or Treat is on Wednesday this year. Halloween is not my favorite celebration but I don't mind giving out candy to the children. This year Oct. 31 comes on Wednesday and there may not be a lot of people home. Our church is planning a "trunk or treat" for the children at our church. After the service we will open our trunks and let them come around and gather candy. I would imagine a lot of churches will be planning activities for the children to enjoy.

Following Halloween, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. I do like Thanksgiving. Unfortunately sometimes Thanksgiving gets lost in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas. Thanksgiving always makes me think of going to my grandmother's house as a child. You could just tell it was a special day when you walked in the door and smelled the turkey baking. The counters would be lined with pies and cakes and all of the family would be there.

All in all, we are about to get into a busy season. I am not sure if there is a "non-busy" season any more. It seems we stay busy year round.

With so little time left in the year, we need to make the best of it because when we turn around once or twice, we will be deciding what we want to do for New Year's Eve and making sure we have our black eyed peas and hog jowl ready for New Year's Day.

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