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Aging gracefully

Posted Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 2:12 PM

I heard a report recently that middle age is now 55. I was surprised to hear someone agreed with me on the subject of age.

I moved middle age as far along as I could as I was celebrating one birthday after another. When I was younger I thought maybe 35 would be a good year for middle age status. I moved it on to 50, but I am afraid I had to turn lose and leave middle age behind somewhere between 55 and now.

I will be 62 in November and at one time I would have thought anyone who has been around that long should just stay home. But now that I am only a month or so away from my 23rd anniversary of my 39th birthday, I want to keep going. I have to admit, I am beginning to feel a little older. I am a member of AARP and the "kids" working in fast food restaurants automatically give me a senior discount on my coffee without even asking.

It may be my miles and not my years, but I am definitely starting to slow down. Five or six years ago I enjoyed skating at one of my granddaughter's birthday parties. I am not sure I would get out on the skate floor today. There comes a time when we have to weigh the cost of a broken arm or hip against 30 minutes on wheels.

I must get out and start jogging or at least walking. I am not ready to settle into a rocking chair just yet.

Many senior citizens bowl, swim, run marathons, ride bicycles, compete in sports, dance, golf, and stay on the go enjoying one trip after another.

We live in a time when there is a pill for everything. We can keep our cholesterol down, our thyroid in check, our blood pressure at 120/80, our acid reflux under control no matter what we eat, our sugar levels either up or down to where it needs to be, our bones strong, and our hearts regulated. Most people my age are taking at least some of the mentioned medications to keep at the levels we need to be. I suppose it is just part of the aging process.

The aches and pains I am getting with age are something I will have to get accustomed to. I have been one of those fortunate people who did not suffer with allergies, arthritis, migraines or other medical problems. Through the years I occasionally threw my back out or had a bad headache, but it was not an everyday happening. Other than when I had my children, I have not been admitted into a hospital. I have never suffered a broken bone or had to have surgery. I have had a few stitches, but all in all I have been relatively healthy and I am thankful for that.

Another sign of my aging is going to sleep before the 10 o'clock news. I can remember both sets of my grandparents never missing the 10 o'clock news. They always watched the news, discussed it briefly and then went to bed. They got up early every morning and kept busy all day even after they were retired.

Life is good and we need to enjoy it from start to finish no matter what stage of it we are in. Getting older is not so bad and 62 is definitely not as old as I once thought it was.

I think I will just try to age gracefully.

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