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Another month has arrived

Posted Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 2:41 PM

We can hope for a good September as the temperatures go down and we have autumn to look forward to. We also have Grandparents Day coming up Sept. 9. I don't remember Grandparents Day when I was growing up so I guess it is an event we baby boomers got started.

I looked it up and discovered Grandparents Day was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. I didn't realize it had been around so long. I was amazed to discover there is even a Grandparent's Day song for the occasion, "A Song for Grandma and Grandpa." The official flower for Grandparents Day is the forget-me-not. As a grandmother I can say the flower is very fitting.

It is nice to have so much information at the touch of a button. Our parents were told they could not raise children without purchasing a set of encyclopedias. Also, there was an update edition added each year to record the historical things that happened during the year. Door-to-door book salesmen were frequent visitors knocking on the doors. My grandmother (God bless her) purchased a set of those encyclopedias in the late 1950s and I guess most of her 30+ grandchildren used those books from time to time for homework. We could take them home or sit in her dining room getting the information we needed. I can remember the covers being red and she would always caution us to be careful with them.

All of that is history. We can now find information at the push of a button. I guess today a child has to have access to the internet or computers or they will be left behind. For those who do not have computers at home, they can work and learn in school computer labs. Most public libraries have computers with internet access available to the public. Kids today have those fancy phones or iPads they carry around and use with such skill it puts me to shame. One thing our young people are not lacking in today is technology skills.

Again, we have watched as another hurricane has plowed through Mississippi and Louisiana. I saw where one place received 22 inches of rain flooding the houses. Thousands had to be evacuated.

I am afraid we will see the already rising fuel prices go even higher because it will be blamed on Hurricane Isaac. The prices are up at least 40 cents higher than a month ago. As we have seen in the past, any time there is a disaster, we not only gas prices go up but other items such as building materials will go up. Usually, prices will go up and then we will see them fall but it still comes at a high price to the consumers.

It is being predicted gas prices will start going down after Labor Day. We will see.

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day. I also need to wish my husband, Dale, a happy birthday. Yes, he got a year older on Sept. 1.

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