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A new school year

Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 1:01 PM

The 2012-2013 school year is officially underway. Summer vacations can't last forever. Students and teachers have returned to the classrooms full of energy and eager to learn.

Children can complain about having to go to school and we adults can complain about the gas prices going up and the increased cost to get them to school. We were excited about the drop in gas prices earlier in the year but it was short lived. I never thought I would get excited to see gas just a little over $3 a gallon. Now it is headed back toward the $4 mark.

We need to all get together and stay home or walk for one 24 hour period and I really believe the gas prices would surely drop. We would probably have an over abundance of fuel and there would not be enough space to store it.

The temperatures are about to drop so maybe I can walk that block to my mother's house at least one or two of the three times a day I visit. Most of the time I am visiting at meal time so the walk might save me a little on my gas expense and a little on my weight gain. Both would be welcomed.

My husband Dale and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We married on Aug. 19, 1967. I was about to start my senior year of high school and Dale had just returned from a long year tour of Vietnam. I am sure he would say that was one year in his life that did not go by fast enough. Since then, I don't know where the years have gone but they certainly have flown by. We married, he finished his time in the Army, and the rest is history.

I am sure we did not accomplish all of those plans we had so many years ago, but life has a way of changing plans and I certainly can't complain. I have had a good life. I am sure I am right where I was meant to be. I have never missed a meal, always had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. Those (and keeping enough money to pay the air conditioning bill) are among our true necessities. Everything else is just more icing on the cake.

It really bothers me to talk to people who are unhappy living in our area. I try to be polite and nice but I am afraid I take it a little personal. I like to visit other places but there is no place I would rather live. In my opinion we have good schools for our children with teachers who care about them.

I hope everyone has a great start and a memorable school year.

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