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Prices back up

Posted Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 11:07 AM

Recently I purchased gas for a little under $3 a gallon and a few days later it had jumped up about 30 cents. What happened?

We were hoping to see it continue to go down at least through the busy vacation time. I guess lower gas prices are not meant to be. Back in the day when I was paying 50 cents a gallon, I would have never thought I would consider $2.99 a gallon a bargain.

I can remember when three or four of us would pool our change to get enough montey to put a little gas in the car so we could keep on driving up and down main street waving at our friends as we passed by over and over again.

We have to stop and remember wages in our area were probably only $1 or $1.25 an hour so I guess it all averages out in the end. As I have heard before, sodas were a nickel but no one had a nickel.

I was talking to my grandchildren on our way home from Branson and they seem to think we will see vehicles flying, or at least hovering across country before long. I told them they may see it someday but I think I am way too old for such a change. I may be young enough to see self-driving vehicles on the highway with sensors keeping us from crashing into one another.

We will just have to wait and see what the future holds. I am amazed at the commercials showing cars with the technology to parallel park on its own. That would be good for me because I have never been a good parallel parker. I always look for spaces I can pull into because I have embarrassed myself on more than a few occasions trying to parallel park.

When I learned to drive on those country roads and pulled into the country stores we did not need to parallel park. We had to worry about the clutch, the brakes and shifting the gears, but parking was not a problem. We just tried not to block anyone in.

Times have changed and we really don't know what the future holds, but we can be assured technology will continue to move forward with or without us.

On another topic, I noticed the stores are beginning to put out their back to school specials. That reminds us summer break is almost over and before we know it the bells will be ringing for a brand new school year. It will be the first year for some to attend and the last year for others. I always enjoyed shopping for school supplies with my children during their elementary years. Some years our supplies would last throughout the whole year. It was fun looking for the perfect notebook and backpack. We also had to have a new pair of shoes for the first day of school.

As children get a little older they just want to be dropped off at the mall with their friends and they want to do their own shopping.

Speaking of malls, did anyone else feel a sense of loss when they saw the Indian Mall go down? I loved shopping there. I also loved to take a break from shopping and eat at Wyatt's Cafeteria. I have spent some very happy times shopping and browsing in the Indian Mall. I know the old has to make way for the new but I really did love shopping there. It felt like home and for many of us in this area it was our first mall experience. At least we still have our memories.

It will be good to see what goes up in its place and it is always good to see new businesses offering new jobs for more people.

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