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Hot and dry

Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at 12:36 PM

We certainly have had our share of hot and dry this summer. In many areas residents are being urged to limit the watering of lawns. Air conditioners have been set on high and continue to go full speed. I, for one, try to limit my "outside" time when the thermometer hovers at 100 degrees.

We got a few drops last week but it was a little short of what we would have liked but I am thankful for each drop.

During the last week in June we took our grandchildren to Branson for a few days. It reached 107 most every day we were there. Thankfully we found plenty to do inside. There was an inside water park where we were staying. We had inside and outside pools and we chose the inside one. We went to two shows, did a little shopping, and ate a lot. We had a very good time and managed to dodge the heat most of the time. Our grandchildren seemed to enjoy the week and we enjoyed being with them. It was a nice get-away trip.

My husband and I were talking about the weather as we traveled along and decided it is hotter now than when we were growing up. Surely my father would not have made me chop cotton in this kind of weather. It would have been abusive.

I realize we did have hot weather. We did not have air conditioners in our cars and we would travel at night because it was cooler. I always hated it because we had to have the windows down and my hair would always be a mess when we arrived at our destination. I've never been blessed with hair that would just fall back in place.

In the same conversation as the weather, we talked about how farmers managed to raise crops before the days of irrigation. In a dry summer like this one, it seems everything would have just wilted away. It is hard to remember days before air conditioning and irrigation.

We finally came to the conclusion you can't miss what you don't have and we were not accustomed to air conditioning. It was probably cooler out in the fields with a little breeze than being in the house with a fan blowing warm air around.

I would have never thought 90 degrees would be a relief from the heat.

We got our first air conditioner installed in 1970. Every time my father-in-law would come to visit, he would step into the house and say, "you could kill hogs in here." Well, I never killed hogs but from his remark, I assume the old fashioned hog killings took place in the winter months.

I still like my inside temperature to be 68 degrees in the summer and about the same in the winter.

As I said before, my husband and I came to the conclusion 98 degrees today is hotter than 98 degrees in the 1960s. At least it seems to me to be true. There is no way I could have chopped cotton, played softball, and walked down those gravel roads in the temperatures we are having this summer.

I am thankful daily for air conditioning. It has made my life much better. I am sure I am a nicer person because of it.

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I live in Dallas but am originally from Osceola. The heat is unbearable and there is never any rain. I am thankful for irrigation in NEA for the crops. My heart is still there:) as well as our family farm....


-- Posted by TateFarmGirl on Mon, Aug 6, 2012, at 10:27 PM

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