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More than fireworks

Posted Tuesday, July 3, 2012, at 9:10 AM

I know each year I repeat myself talking about Independence Day but I don't think we should let the day go by without reminding ourselves why we celebrate.

July 4th is more than just fireworks and barbecue. It is a day when our leaders stood up and declared freedom.

This year's holiday falls in the middle of the week and it makes it a little more difficult for the working people to get away, but there will be a lot of local activities, also.

Caraway will host its annual Fourth of July Celebration on July 4 for the 67th year. They offer activities throughout the week and a grand finale firework display at the end of the day.

A group called the Leachville Cave Dwellers will be sending up fireworks on July 4 at about 9:11 p.m. at the Leachville City Park.

I enjoy watching firework displays but I have never been a big "do it yourself" fireworks person. The emergency rooms are filled with people like me who should not play with fire.

Many will be celebrating with family reunions, vacations, parades, and much more. In our area, July 4th usually gives us a lot of high temperatures. It makes me realize another half year has gone by.

It also makes me stop and give thanks for the freedom we enjoy. Our country is not perfect but we can still live where we want, offer our opinions, and vote our choice.

I am afraid we are not stressing to our children and grandchildren the respect for our flag and what it stands for. Too many young people today think of their freedom as an opportunity to bash others on the internet.

We need to be role models for the younger generation. Young people learn by example.

Like many other people, and probably their parents, the world was shocked to see and hear how a few young teenagers treated an older lady trying to make a living as a bus monitor. Again, where is the respect? In this day and age we live in misbehavior can show up and be passed around the world. Wouldn't it be nice if we could see some good actions viewed by the masses.

If it is true what I read, the woman certainly drew a lot of compassion as people started sending donations. She may not have to work again if she chooses. I hope the young people learned a valuable lesson and will think before they taunt anyone else. If nothing else, someone may be capturing it on video.

Yes, as we celebrate the Fourth of July, let's remember the sacrifices that have been made. Our freedom came at a high cost. Many have given their lifeblood so we can celebrate the Fourth of July. Let's enjoy it, let's appreciate it, let's give thanks for it.

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