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What a celebration

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012, at 9:37 AM

I've been to a lot of parties, parades, and celebrations and I have seen a lot of fireworks displays, but I don't think they could be compared to what little I have seen of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Of course, 60 years is a long time to be queen, but then 60 years is a long time to do anything.

I was watching television and saw a bit of the fireworks display last week and I have to say it was elaborate. Diamond Jubilee activities have certainly made world news.

I have not studied much on the duties of the British kings and queens, but I know it would have to be a big job and to do it for 60 years would deserve a celebration.

According to what little I did read, Queen Elizabeth was born a princess and became a queen at an early age because of the death of her father, the King.

I am sure she has a very large staff but it still would have to be a big responsibility. I guess it is just a way of life for her, but I can't imagine the responsibility. The article I read said only one other, Queen Victoria in 1897, served as queen for 60 years.

A few years ago I was very fortunate to be able to go to England when my son and his family were stationed there with the Air Force. We made the tour bus to Buckingham Palace and other great places and I was fascinated. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the Queen during my visit.

When I was growing up in Northeast Arkansas and chopping cotton in Grandpa's fields, I dreamed about going to see an ocean but I never even considered the possibility of crossing one. It was a great trip and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see where the Queen lives.

I like visiting other places, but I have to say I like living right here on Buffalo Island. We may not have tall mountains, ocean beaches, skyscrapers, malls, or waterfalls, but we have good friends and neighbors. Our lives may be slow compared to city life but when we have a need, our friends and neighbors are there. We may speak a little slower with our southern drawl but most of the time we can bank on a person's word.

We have our own celebrations coming up in the near future. We will be celebrating the Fourth of July and families will be gathering and firework displays will be held. This year the holiday will be in the middle of the week with July 4, coming in on Wednesday.

The annual Fourth of July picnic will be held in Caraway with a parade, carnival, entertainment, drawings, and a demolition derby.

The Leachville Cave Dwellers plan to hold their annual fireworks display on the Fourth of July in the Leachville City Park.

Buffalo Island has Relay for Life coming up on June 22 at the Leachville City Park with all proceeds going to fight cancer.

As I said before, we live in an area where people really care. They give their time and their resources. My family has never had a major tragedy and had to face it alone. People were there. When we lost loved ones, they brought food and condolences.

It is not the place, but the people that make Buffalo Island such a special place to live.

If we made a list of the pros and cons of our area, I truly believe the pros would win hands down. If we could eradicate the mosquitoes, it would be the "perfect" place to live.

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Great !!

-- Posted by VEGAS ANNIE on Sun, Jun 17, 2012, at 8:40 PM

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