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Where to go?

Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at 10:19 AM

School is out and it is time to start planning a good vacation spot. I have a couple places in mind but it is always fun to go to new places and see new things.

This time last year we went to Henderson, Tenn., for a Loretta Lynn concert and toured her museum, home, and property. We had a good time.

As I get older we look at vacation locations a little differently. At one time we were looking for water parks, roller coasters, lakes, and a place to put up a tent. Today, we check out how far and which restaurants are near the motels we are staying in.

Many times through the years we have thought someday we will purchase a travel trailer and travel around visiting new places. I think it would be so much fun to find new places and visit with people in the campgrounds.

The travel trailer is only one of the things we thought we might like to do when we got older. We are older and we never got around to purchasing the travel trailer. We also always planned to take a cruise but I think it is time we booked it and quit talking about it. We are not so old that we have completely given up.

I was reminiscing in my mind about some of the places we have visited and trying to remember what I liked about each one. I like to think I am easy to get along with when I am traveling but over the last 10 years or so I do not take extreme heat very well.

We were coming back from Texas a few years ago and decided to take a side trip to the diamond mine. We had never been there and thought it would be interesting. We got the mining tools, and went out to the big hole in the ground to look for diamonds. It was a really hot summer day and it did not take me long to decide I didn't need a diamond that bad. I have to say my grandchildren had a ball. I found a place in the shade and enjoyed watching them have a good time. It was still a fun trip and I hope to go back some day on a cool, cloudy day.

Another camping trip of long ago I remembered well was no shade, the tent was hot and we stayed in the water for three days to stay cool. I guess it was so long ago, sun screen had not been invented and I got tremendous sunburn. I guess I got water in my head and I had a large bump come up between my eyes making me look like a red, one eyed monster. We came home and I walked into the house and my dad did not recognize me. I was a bit distorted.

My husband, Dale, and the sun do not get along. He is one of those people who burn, peel, and burn again. His arms will turn brown but the rest of his body will not tan. His summer dress consists of long pants, shirts, and a hat anytime he is outside in the sunshine.

About 22 years ago we went floating down the Current River. It was a fun trip, the water was clear and cold enough to keep us cool. Dale had on his long pants, tennis shoes, shirt and a hat. He thought he was good to go.

Well, where he sat across the rubber tube floating down the river he did not realize without socks, he had about a two inch area between the top of his shoe to the bottom of his pant legs exposed to the sun. He ended up with a painful sunburn, huge water blisters hanging off his ankles. Needless to say, he had to go to the doctor, miss several days of work because he could not walk, and he was in a lot of pain. He learned to add socks to his sun ensemble.

Even when we had to suffer the consequences we had a good time.

I think it is important for young families to make plans and try to get away at least once or twice a year. They can forget work and school and just enjoy being together doing whatever they enjoy.

I call it making memories.

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