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Spring has arrived

Posted Monday, March 26, 2012, at 5:01 PM

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their spring break last week. Spring officially arrived on Tuesday and the weather was perfect for the week. I saw a few youth out and about having a good time.

We have certainly enjoyed higher than usual temperatures for this time of year. It makes me wonder what we will see in July and August. It may get very, very hot. Every day during the summer months I am thankful for air conditioning.

It is just a miracle any of us survived the "good old days."

I am sure my grandchildren cannot imagine me having enough energy to chop cotton all day and play softball in the evening. Young people in our day may have complained all day about the heat and being tired, but when the work day ended, we were ready to leave the cotton fields and hit the ball fields. Softball was fun for us. Our team members were like family. We had a good time and when the game was over we didn't have to take anything to help us sleep.

We (me and my co-workers) were talking last week about how the generation before us had a hard life but probably complained less than we do today with all of our modern conveniences. They worked hard, cooked from scratch, did not have dishwashers or paper plates and managed to keep it all together. I wonder if they had a vision of things getting better or they just accepted each day as the normal.

I was born in 1950, so my "good old days" stories cannot compare to the generations before me. I enjoyed listening to my grandparents when they talked about their childhood and the years of raising their children.

I don't know if "only three black and white channels" would catch the attention of today's youth or not. We always hated it when the President was talking or breaking news would take all three channels.

Those were the days when television antennas were on top of every house and half the time someone was up trying to turn it just right to get the best picture.

We can watch our over 100 channels in living color today, but I know kids cannot enjoy television any more than we did on Saturday mornings watching Circus Boy, Sky King, Tarzan, Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Kid Carson and so many others.

Time changes, but many things stay the same. We are about to start the summer baseball/softball season and the parks will be filled with volunteers and fans making it all work.

We need to support our local volunteers who give their time and energy to work with the area children. Without them, there would be no program and hundreds of children would not get to participate in baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and any of the sports kids love.

We are quick to focus on the bad things going on all around us, but let's try to see the good. If anyone has too much time on their hands, they might enjoy an evening at the park watching the games.

Spring is here, so let's make the best of it. It is my favorite time of year. Kids are back in school and now looking forward to summer vacation.

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