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Leap Year 2012

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 12:19 PM

Tomorrow is Leap Day, Feb. 29. People who were born on Feb. 29 only get to celebrate on their actual birthday about every four years. There is an exception to every four years being a Leap Year. A century year that is not divisible by 400 does not have the extra day.

That makes it sound complicated. Someone much smarter than I am figured out a calendar with 365 days but was smart enough to know it would be just a little out of alignment with the earth's revolution around the sun. According to an article I read, we would lose six hours off a calendar year.

Without the leap year we would eventually be all out of whack. Even though I may not be smart enough to create a calendar to align with the earth's revolution, I think I understand why we have to have the extra day thrown in to keep all of our seasons going as we know them.

Speaking of seasons, I cannot remember having such a mild winter as we have had this year. We have only had a few days below freezing and last week it hit 70 degrees in February. Flowers are blooming and green seems to be arriving earlier than usual.

I am not complaining about the weather not being cold because I have really enjoyed the milder temperatures. I have not even had to get out my heavy coat this year.

I do worry about insects because of the warmer weather. If we have more mosquitoes than usual, I will have to stay inside during the bug season. If I ever decide to move to another location, the selling point for me would be "no mosquitoes."

We may have trouble figuring out when spring arrives after the winter we have had, but according to the calendar, it will officially arrive on March 20, less than one month away.

I always like springtime. It is a time when the farmers start planting, everything turns green, and for a short time, we can turn off the heat and the air.

For everyone who has a birthday tomorrow on Feb. 29, I hope you have a good one because you will not get any older for four more years. Isn't that a pleasant thought?

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