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Valentine's Day 2012

Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2012, at 12:49 PM

Valentine's Day 2012 has arrived. I don't usually celebrate holidays or birthdays in the mid-week. I can't seem to get in the festive mood on a Tuesday or Wednesday. As a rule if the occasion falls during the week, I celebrate the weekend before.

Valentine's Day is a good time to eat chocolate, splurge on flowers, or go out and eat too much. My husband always gives candy for Valentine's Day. He gave me my first box of chocolates in the pretty, red heart box when I was 14. It was 1965 and I guess the message worked because we are still together. He has given me a box of candy every year except for one year when he was serving in Vietnam. He did send me perfume as a gift.

Chocolate has always been my favorite.

When Valentine's Day falls on the weekend, we usually go out to eat and I still get a box of candy.

We don't go out often through the week, but when I do go it amazes me how filled the restaurants are any day and evening of the week. I can remember when we only went out to eat when it was a birthday, anniversary or something special. We did not eat out every weekend and never through the week.

We would sometimes have a plate lunch in the little cafes or occasionally get a hamburger. My dad always ordered an open-faced gravy and beef sandwich. I always think of him when I see the open-faced beef sandwich on a menu. I can remember this little hamburger place near our home when I was young. This is before the days of all of the fast food chains. This little café had a long bar and 10 or 12 stools. The cook had on a white apron and would cook the hamburgers on the grill. The hamburgers were 15 or 20 cents each and we did love those hamburgers.

I was talking to friends (my age) recently and we were discussing how it used to be and if we could adjust if we had to go back. We may worry about the younger generation and how they would react, but in all reality it would be difficult for people of my generation to adjust.

I could probably give up eating out much easier than giving up my air conditioner. Of all the changes in my lifetime, staying cool is right up there with the best.

The generation before mine knew how to grow their own food, preserve it and survive. My generation knew how to go to the grocery store buy it and cook family meals. Even though we don't cook as much as we once did, I think we could remember how if we had to. Many of the younger generation families do not cook at all. The young children of today can order by number in any drive-through. The sit down dinners we enjoyed are almost a thing of the past.

Let me get back to the subject -- Valentine's Day. Okay, I realize money is tight in this day and age. I think what we need to learn, and teach our children and grandchildren, is the fact we can enjoy life without going to a great expense. If we can't afford a dozen roses, give one or two. If you are gifted, write a poem or a song. If you can cook, bake a pie or a cake or a special meal. Gifts from the heart are special. It is not the cost but the thought that counts.

It is important to let people know how we feel. None of us want to be taken for granted.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. Next to Christmas, it is the most giving day of the year.

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