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Life in the fast lane

Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at 1:50 PM

Life in the fast lane is behind me and I have gradually moved to the middle lane. I am not ready to go on over to the right lane (slow lane) just yet. I hope to cruise along in the middle for several more years.

I call my children and they are either coming in from or going out to a ballgame, a Scout meeting, a practice session, recital, or a school activity with one or more of my five grandchildren. It brings back memories of their growing up years and the schedule at our house. We stayed busy on the go every night. Naturally we had more energy to go with the activities 25 years ago. It was fun and I would not change a thing.

My advice to young parents is to go, be there, don't waste a minute of time you can spend with your kids. They will grow up all too soon. God knew we could not keep up the fast pace forever so after 18 or 20 years our children grow up, start their own lives and we can rest.

I have to say even when I was young and thought I was living in the fast lane I had my limits. As I watched the video of the young woman who fell into the river when her bungee cord snapped, I remembered why I never wanted to bungee jump. In addition to the fall, the rocks, the rapids, her feet tied together, there were crocodiles in the river. I cannot see one thing I would have thought was fun about the whole experience.

I have a lot of family members who enjoy bungee jumping and talk about what a great experience it is. I am glad they can enjoy it but I do not care to join them in their quest for fun. It is not my thing.

Unless I am flying in an airplane, I like to keep my feet on the ground.

Thankfully the young woman survived and is recovering nicely. She did say she may bungee jump again in the future. I can't imagine wanting to repeat such a frightful experience.

I have heard about getting back on the horse, but I have never heard you have to bungee jump again.

I may be listed under the category of "dull" but I have never had the desire to drive at high speeds, jump off tall buildings (or out of airplanes), charm snakes, fight bulls (or ride them), or twist and turn on roller coasters. I guess I am just not a thrill seeker and if that makes me dull, so be it. I will be content to grow old with a good book.

As a young person I thought I would be one of those adventurers who wanted to climb higher and jump farther, but as I got older the safe road always looked better to me. It may not be as much fun, but I discovered I don't like to be scared. I know I may fall off my porch and do more damage than the lady in the bungee jumping accident, but I can't help but think overall the odds would be in my favor.

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