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Winter, Christmas and troops coming home

Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2011, at 3:15 PM

I talked about weather last week and I don't like to repeat myself weekly, but I do need to mention Thursday is the first day of winter. Our winters can go from mild to vicious all in the same day. I don't even try to predict.

My grandmother always looked at signs for everything. She would always tell us if the woolly worms were a certain color (dark I think) we would have a cold winter. I wish I had written down all of those sayings and what she said and what they meant. I thought I would always remember because she told me year after year.

We call it signs, but I think it is probably watching nature and using common sense. The geese know when to go south without being told. I think animals can tell when a storm is coming.

My grandmother would plant her garden according to the signs. I recall she liked to plant on twin day so her chances would be better to get double the harvest. I don't know if it worked, but I do know she and my grandpa could grow beautiful gardens.

I remember one summer I got so tired of picking cucumbers I didn't even want to go to the garden and didn't care if I ever saw another cucumber. I even asked her to be careful to not plant on twin day the next year.

When our babies were young she would use the signs to tell us when the best time to break them from the bottle would be. We may have rolled our eyes, but most of time she was right. She said take the bottle away from the baby when the sign is in the knees. I can't even begin to tell you what that meant, but she knew. You can't argue with the wisdom of age and experience. Our older people have both and we should listen to them more and not forget to write down what they say.

On a different subject -- we are hearing our troops are coming home and the war in Iraq is finally coming to an end after nine, long years. That is a wonderful Christmas present for all of the family members who have loved ones serving. I would imagine there will be a lot of Christmases celebrated in January.

We should remember the families who have lost their loved ones because of the war in Iraq. I read where we have had 4,500 casualties and 32,200 wounded in Iraq. It has been a difficult time for our military and their families. Let's hope we can see something good from it in the future.

Now, I am looking forward to hearing our troops will all be coming home from Afghanistan. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we truly could see peace on Earth?

This is the last days before Christmas and I know everyone will be busy and probably not have time to read this, but I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas will arrive if we are ready or not, so let's just enjoy.

Let's hope we have a wonderful 2012.

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I enjoyed this, Revis. I, too, wish I had written down some of the sayings of my mother-in-law. She had a lot of them to learn by. Merry Christmas to you and staff.

-- Posted by billy066@centurytel.net on Sat, Dec 24, 2011, at 12:11 PM

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