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Another birthday

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011, at 6:12 PM

November is here and another birthday is just around the corner. It is hard to believe how fast they come about. I remember when I wrote a column about celebrating the second or third anniversary of my 50th birthday -- that was a few years ago.

I received a note from a friend asking me to quit writing about getting older. I don't mean to write in a negative way. I am glad to be celebrating another birthday. I am thankful to still be here and for the health I have. We are not getting older, we are getting wiser. We are finally wise enough to appreciate each and every day.

I hear women talk about what they want to do to celebrate birthdays such as mountain climbing or jumping out of airplanes. I did not want to do those things when I was 25 and I have not changed my mind about it now. Bunge cords are not for me. I don't like high places or falling out of the sky.

A nice quiet birthday dinner will be fine. Last year I was surprised on my 60th birthday with a party and I appreciated my family and friends for helping me celebrate such a milestone. This year I will probably go quietly into another year without much fanfare.

Some birthdays get more recognition than others.

Most of us couldn't wait to be 13 and become a teenager. Then we couldn't wait to be 16 so we could drive a car. At 18 we thought no one will ever be able to tell us "no" again. We looked forward to 21 because we would be a real grown-up then.

I can't think of any reason anyone would want to hurry to turn 61. The next one to look forward to would have to be 65 and Medicare -- if it is still there.

Here I am, almost three times the 21 age and sometimes I still don't feel like a "real grown-up." Age is a state of mind. Some days my mind (and body) tell me I am much older than on other days.

I know I need to exercise more. I have always enjoyed sports and I played basketball and softball when I was younger. I coached my daughter's team and was able to run and hit with them during practice. I enjoyed swimming, water skiing, skating or just walking. I am living proof it doesn't take long to lose it when you quit exercising.

At this stage in my life I get tired just watching the games on television.

Speaking of games, did you get to watch any of the World Series? I am a Cardinal fan and I still fell asleep before most of the games were over, but I did manage to see the great finish of the extra innings number six game on Thursday night and the grand finale. What a series.

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