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Closer to a new year

Posted Thursday, October 13, 2011, at 3:08 PM

We are almost halfway into October giving us only 80 days left in 2011. We start out each year with 365 days (unless it is a leap year and then we can add one). Where have the days gone? Where has the year gone?

With only 80 days left in the year, we have only about 74 days left until Christmas. It is not time to panic, this is just a reminder the holidays are closer than you think.

Let's not forget Thanksgiving, it is closer than Christmas. Too many times Thanksgiving gets left out with the mad dash to get Christmas going.

We have Halloween this month, Thanksgiving next month, and then Christmas. I have actually bought a couple of Christmas presents and now I will have to try to remember where I put them.

I have been known to find a present or two after the fact. Usually I only do that when I buy a lot of presents early.

We receive so much advice, such as: slow down and smell the roses, take a deep breath, don't worry about the small things, it will be there tomorrow, and many other cliches letting us know we stay too busy.

It is hard to slow down. We set a pace for ourselves when our children are growing up and we have to have a calendar to remember where we have to be at what time.

We have a few years of down time and then we try to keep up with the grandchildren's activities when we can.

I discovered a long time ago, we will make time for the things we want to do. I know from my personal experience, if I really want to do something, more than likely I will find the time.

If it is something I am not too wild about, it is easy to put it off with "I just don't have the time."

Women are not quite as bad as men about not wanting to ask for directions while traveling or reading instructions before starting a project. In the long run, it is quicker to stop and ask directions than to keep driving and get lost. It is also better to read the instructions before starting a project and having to start over.

Today we have those GPA gadgets and they will take us anywhere we want to go. My husband has been known to argue with the GPA voice on occasion. I have no sense of direction so I just stay out of it.

Before we know it, 2011 will be gone and we will be welcoming 2012. Thanksgiving and Christmas will come and go if we are ready or not. Let's not get so busy we forget to enjoy the time we have.

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