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Counting blessings

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at 1:29 PM

I do think Fall has cheered everyone up. I have seen a lot of smiles, received warm greetings, and people seem to be in a good mood every where I go the last couple of weeks.

I have been spending evenings at the ball park watching little ones play soccer. I have a granddaughter on one of the five and six year old teams. I don't know a thing about the game but they seem to enjoy it. We hear so much today about exercise and I have to say those little ones are getting their share. Football is underway, high school golf teams are about to go to state tournaments, basketball teams are getting ready for the season and the cotton is turning white. It is a good time to live in Northeast Arkansas.

As I was driving around recently I started counting my blessings. If I don't stop and count them occasionally I forget I have any and if I am not careful, I find myself having a "pity me" party. The problem with a "pity me" party is I am the only one there -- no one else wants to attend.

I saw a cute video on funniest videos once where a toddler kept following his mother from room to room and starting his kicking, in the floor fit over as she ignored him and walked through the house. I guess a fit is just not worth it if no one pays attention.

I'll go back to the blessing list. Sometimes when we get down we really need to look around and find things to be thankful for.

I think the number one on the blessing list would have to be health. If we have our health we truly have been blessed. The next blessing on my list would be my family. I am truly blessed with a great family.

In addition to my family, I am grateful for my church family. It is nice to know I have so many people to call friends. They have a gift of picking me up when I am feeling down. I look forward to attending church with them each week.

The church family leads me to the blessing of living in a country where we have churches of our choice to attend.

Our home is a blessing. It may not be the biggest or fanciest dwelling around but if we have a roof over our head and a good place to sleep, we should be thankful.

What a blessing it is to have plenty to eat. Most of us don't get hungry unless we are dieting. I think about so many children in the world who do not have enough food to eat. We should never take food for granted. We are blessed (sometimes over blessed) when it comes to food. We should be thankful for our farmers and ranchers who work to supply us with our needs.

Too many times we complain about our jobs but having a job is a blessing. We shouldn't dread going to work, we should be happy we are able to go to work. Yes, it is a blessing to have a place to work.

I know from experience if we are so busy worrying about things that are wrong, we can miss enjoying things that are right.

At the end of each day, let's count those blessings. I think we can find at least one, two or even more every day.

Let's also remember where those blessings come from and be thankful.

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