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Time marches on

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2011, at 2:19 PM

Forty-four years seems like a long time, but it has actually passed very fast -- too fast. My husband, Dale, and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on Friday. We married Aug. 19, 1967.

The first year seemed like a long time. We married, moved to Texas for a few months while Dale finished his tour in the Army. We came home to Arkansas, moved to Blytheville for a few months and then in June we moved to Aurora, Ill. We moved three times to three states our first year. It is good we were young. I would hate to think I would have to move three times in one year now.

Mind you, we did not have as much "stuff" accumulated. As a matter of fact, we moved each time in a 1965 Mustang with all of our worldly goods.

As I look back we didn't seem to have a care in the world. I guess worry comes with age and wisdom. Everything was ahead of us and we had plans. We also had energy and it never occurred to us 44 years would come around so quickly. Every day was like Christmas.

I still remember our first anniversary. Dale came home from work and asked me to go to the car (that same Mustang) and get his jacket. When I did, I found a dozen red roses under it.

Okay, here is the difference in then and now -- if he asked me to go to the car and get his jacket today, I would probably ask him if he had a broken leg. I must have been kinder in my younger years.

If he went to purchase the dozen red roses today, he would have decided it was too much money and opted for something else more useful.

We both have to admit we have changed over the last 44 years, but I think we would both agree we have been very blessed through the years. We raised two great kids and have five wonderful grandchildren.

When we had our son in 1970, we moved back to Arkansas and settled in for the long term. We attend the same church we were married in, have lived in the same house for almost 25 years and seem to be quite content.

We spent our anniversary this year in Eureka Springs. We enjoyed the sights and it was very nice. As always, it is nice to visit, but it is nice to come home.

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