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Where are we headed?

Posted Tuesday, August 16, 2011, at 11:40 AM

Where are we headed and how long will it take us to get there? I am not talking about a vacation destination. I am talking about our country.

As a rule, I write mostly about trivia issues in my column, but what we are reading and seeing in the news lately is anything but trivia.

Our country seems to be having problems. Our credit rating has gone down. The stock market is going nuts. People are losing their savings and homes. Insurance premiums are out of reach for hard-working, self-employed people. Many of our senior citizens have to decide if they want to eat or purchase their medicine.

They tell us in a few years Social Security will be gone unless changes are made. Our Post Office Department is in trouble and several may be closed in the less populated areas. Our jobs are going to other countries way too often. Unemployment is not going down. We hear of cuts in services and the list goes on.

The people we have elected to make good decisions for all cannot even agree on the simple things, much less the big issues. It is like they are in a tug-of-war battle pulling the issues back and forth with no solutions. It seems neither party wants to work together for solutions, so the problems seem to get bigger. If politicians can't come up with a way to work together for the good of all, I am afraid we are headed for places we don't want to go.

We often hear other countries call Americans "spoiled." I will admit we may be spoiled, because most of us today have not had to live through a depression. We know what our grandparents and parents told us, but we have not experienced firsthand growing our own food, living without push button conveniences and working from sun-up to sun-down with very little profit.

My father was a hard-working man. He helped his father clear land to farm. My parents both come from hard-working families. Their parents (my grandparents) survived the great depression, wars and floods. They would tell you in a heartbeat electricity and Social Security were the two best things established in their lifetime.

Electricity will be around if we can afford it, but we hear more and more about Social Security woes unless there are some changes.

I can remember my dad saying each generation wants to make it better for their children and provide them with more than they had growing up. He may have been right when he finished his thoughts by saying, "We are about to the point of making it so easy we may be ruining them instead of helping them."

I try to keep a positive attitude. We really do live in a great country. We have freedom that citizens from other countries do not enjoy. We have good highways, we can vote, we have public schools, and if we are unable to work, we can still get help.

Yes, we have problems, but I want to think there are solutions out there. Our leaders need to work together to find what will work and do away with what does not. Just like in our homes, we have to take care of our necessities and sometimes wait on our wants. There is no place for waste -- in our home or in our government.

Americans may be spoiled, but if you want something done, just tell us we can't and we will. We may be more hard-headed than spoiled. Hopefully our country will start moving in the right direction and see things turn around. We hear so many campaign promises, but nothing will be done until our leaders on both sides of the aisle start working together.

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