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Kids haven't changed so much

Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2011, at 12:51 PM

Kids today have so much at their fingertips but overall they haven't changed so much over the years. They are so electronic savvy it puts us older people to shame. They have grown up in the computer age. I can always depend on my grandchildren to help me out if I have a computer question.

Our church recently had Vacation Bible School and we averaged about 35 kids every night. The children learned about the Lord's creations including the planets and the stars. One night during the craft time, the children used tin cans, tape, and string to make "moon shoes."

They enjoyed making them and they especially enjoyed trying to walk in their homemade "moon shoes."

As I watched them, I decided kids have not changed so very much. Even in this day and age of gadgets, they still enjoyed the simple art of creating the moon shoes and walking around on the cans.

I am sure for $40 or $50 "store-bought" moon shoes could be purchased. I don't think it would be the same as making and decorating your own.

The homemade ones probably take a little more skill to get around on but the kids seemed to really enjoy the project and thank goodness we did not have any injuries.

As I said before, kids are still kids and every once in awhile it is good to take a step back. We should take time to go outside with them and teach them how to play marbles, or sit down to a game of solitaire with a real deck of cards instead of at the computer.

I like my computer as much as the next person but I don't think we should completely do away with hands-on.

Does anyone remember playing jacks? We girls would sit for hours playing jacks. It was fun, competitive, and I am sure it helped us with our hand/eye coordination. I am still tempted to buy a set of jacks and give them a try but I am afraid I would not even make it through the two's anymore.

We also played a lot of Monopoly, Life, Checkers, and card games during the winter months when we couldn't go outside and turn cartwheels, swing, or run races.

There is nothing wrong with texting or playing the electronic games but I see young people and adults who never put their cell phones or games down and are continually punching buttons and never look up. They don't speak to anyone around them or take notice of what is going on. I'm afraid too many times we are leaving behind our social skills. We need to interact with the people around us, including our family members.

I was making a purchase for my mother last week and had to call her three times before I got it all correct. It made me smile as I thought what I would have done before the days of cell phone. I would have brought home the wrong item; not made the purchase at all; or had to make at least two and maybe three trips to the store.

No, I don't want to go back to the old days. I'm like everyone else, I like my gadgets and air conditioning, being able to contact my family and friends with a push of the button but I hope I can keep it all in prospective and realize it is a luxury not a necessity.

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