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Less is better

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at 10:55 AM

Is it my imagination, or is the mosquito population less this year than the same time last year? For many years I have been involved in the annual Relay for Life in Leachville, Caraway Fourth of July activities, and ballgames across the area. Most of those years, the mosquitoes have been so bad we were miserable even after spraying repellents.

So far this summer mosquitoes have not seemed to be as bad as last year.

Don't get me wrong, I do not miss them. I wonder why God even made those pesky little insects. I have never heard of anyone making a pet of a mosquito. I have not heard anyone say, "don't kill it, let it go." Evidently, no one likes mosquitoes.

We are blessed in our area with bugs of all sorts, but I do not think anyone would miss the mosquito. It is so nice to travel to an area and be able to sit out and enjoy the evenings without the aggravation of mosquito bites.

When talking about vacations, one of the remarks I hear right after the beautiful countryside description is the remark "and there are no mosquitoes." It is a selling point when planning a trip?

If it ever comes to a vote, I will vote yes on the eradication of mosquitoes.

Back in the 1950s we did not hear much about the side effects of some of the chemicals sprayed. I am sure it was not good for us and it certainly was not good for the bugs. Many of those chemicals have been taken off the market.

As you can tell, I do not like mosquitoes. I feel the same way about chiggers and ticks so I am not just picking on mosquitoes.

I am sure mosquitoes will be out in full force before the summer is over and we will be scratching.

Some of the home remedies I have heard include rubbing the bites with ice cubes, apple cider vinegar, alcohol, or cream. Personally, I use alcohol. It helps for a little while.

I also wonder why some people are more susceptible to mosquito bites or chiggers. My husband and I can walk on the same path and he will get covered in chiggers and I will not. Most of the time I don't get as many mosquito bites as others.

My dad was a big believer in the garlic spray. I could always tell when I got home from work when he had sprayed. I don't know if it killed them or just ran them off. If I was a mosquito, I would not stay around with the strong odor.

There are things we can do to keep the mosquito problem down. We should not leave anything outside holding stagnant water. The grass needs to be cut and gutters should be cleaned out.

I'm convinced nothing will get rid of all of them but having a few is a lot better than having a lot.

I'm afraid we will see more mosquitoes before the summer is over so all we can do is keep spraying.

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