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Higher temperatures are here

Posted Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at 11:01 AM

I have always heard we should be careful what we wish for. All of us who wished the cold weather away should be happy. June came in very hot and sunny which makes me wonder what we can expect in July and August.

Summer will not officially arrive until June 21, but in my mind, it is here.

I may not enjoy the high temperatures, but I am enjoying the longer days. When it gets dark I am ready to sleep, so more daylight helps me get a little more done.

The weather has been strange. It has been storming, raining, windy, cold or hot. We have had very little "pleasant" weather.

When I say pleasant, I am talking about temperatures around 75 degrees with just a little breeze in the air. We don't have to run a heater or an air conditioner to be comfortable. What could be more pleasant or economical?

School is finally out -- to the delight of the students and teachers. Due to the weather, I think they did have to go a few days longer this year.

For all of the sun/water lovers out there, your season has arrived.

When we are young we think the things we enjoy will always be our favorite things to do, but like the seasons, we change.

Forty to fifty years ago I would never have thought I could be near a lake or a swimming pool without jumping in. Now we go on vacation and I never take my bathing suit out of the suitcase. I always pack it just in case I get the urge to go swimming, but usually I bring it home dry.

I loved water skiing and thought I would always enjoy it. The last time I skied was almost 20 years ago and I have not really wanted to go back.

I don't mean to sound pessimistic, I still enjoy life. I just enjoy it with different activities. I still like to shop, eat out, look at the lakes and oceans, visit new places and see new things.

When I am traveling and seeing those new places, I just want to be able to go back to an air conditioned room with a comfortable bed, shower and hot water at the end of the day.

Life is still full of adventure and we should look forward to every day, winter, summer, spring and fall.

As the temperatures rise, don't forget to take precautions when you have to be out. Sunscreen (another change since my younger years) is important. Don't forget the water, and take breaks often when working or playing in the heat.

I am going to try to get as much of the outdoors as I can before temperatures get above 100 and the mosquitoes come out.

Worse than being hot is being hot with pesky mosquitoes all around.

I predict for myself a long summer inside, under the air conditioner.

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