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Will it go down?

Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 12:22 PM

I think most of us are feeling the crunch because of the higher gas prices. It is over $1 more this year than the same time last year.

A friend of mine said when her husband got out to pump the gas last week she told him to stop it at $50. At one time (not so long ago) $50 would have overflowed most any car on the road. Not today. We are spending more to go less.

I really feel sorry for the men and women trying to make their living driving the big trucks. I know this has to be cutting into their profits. Naturally, things will cost us more at the check out line because it cost more to get it there. It is a vicious, costly circle.

I think the days of Sunday afternoon drives for no reason are a thing of the past. I feel sorry for anyone who has to drive long distances to work. I know it is taking a large chunk from their paycheck.

I keep hearing the price of gas should go down but I have yet to see it personally.

I was looking at statistics from the past years and in March of 1981 the average gas price was $2.99. Evidently it went down and in August of 2003 it was $1.74; In May of 2004 it started going up and was at $2.13 and in August of 2006 it was $3.07.

Now we see prices close to $4 a gallon give or take a dime or so. We are a real mobile world and there is no way we can not take notice of the increase.

Like most people, I don't like to stay home and I don't like to walk. I will have to decide what I don't mind giving up so I can continue to drive.

I may be able to continue driving my car to restaurants but the trade off is, I will not be able to go in.

I can buy a bicycle (and if I can remember how to ride it) I could save gas and get healthy.

I can walk around the block to my mothers' house instead of driving. I am not sure how much that would save but if it is not raining and the weather is about 68 degrees I think I could make it okay.

My Buick is pretty good on gas mileage but it still takes a lot more than it once did. When we were young we drove small cars. We had a 1965 Mustang; a 1970 Volkswagon Bug; a 1972 Maverick; a 1976 Mercury Bobcat; and a 1980 Mercury Zepher. We had no problems with two doors and getting in and out. We didn't have any stiff muscles and joints in those days.

Then we bought a Ford Crown Victoria and got spoiled. It had electric everything and the air conditioner worked. As one ages, the larger doors and more comfortable seats become more of necessity than a luxury.

Many people will remember the late Dewey Rice from Manila. He had a shop and sold cars. We would tell him about what we were looking for and in a week or so he would have it ready to drive off.

It was because of him I fell in love with the comfort of the bigger cars and started hating to go car shopping. He made it so easy. After he passed away, my Uncle Hoot Chipman decided to go into the used car business and we had pretty much the same set up with him through the next two vehicles. He was my car dealer until he passed away.

The last two vehicles we owned have been Buicks and both have got good gas mileage and I have been pleased. I don't trade vehicles lightly. Once I learn where everything is in a car, I get attached. It is like we bond.

We will just have to wait and see what the future holds. I know as long as we keep going as we do, the price will not go down -- supply and demand.

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