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How high will it go?

Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011, at 11:52 AM

I am not talking about flood waters when I ask how high will it go. Naturally, I am referring to the gas prices at the pump, a topic everyone is talking about. It seems to go up every day or two and where it will stop no one knows.

I drove to work one morning last week and thought about stopping for gas but decided to wait until after work. I was really mad at myself when I found the prices to be 10 cents a gallon higher than in the morning. I did not get as much for my money.

The days of 25 cents a gallon are over but so is the day of $1 an hour wage. I didn't expect gasoline prices to stay the same forever but it is always a shock when it goes on the rise.

It will take a bite out of the budgets of our schools and cities as well as our own household. It will not be good for truck drivers or any other worker who has to stay on the road.

This is not the first time and probably will not be the last time for us to complain about the rising gasoline prices. I have noticed through the years it goes up, we complain and carry on, and then it goes down. If you take notice, it never goes down quite as low as it was before it started going up. We seem to be happy with any drop in price and are fairly content until the next time.

I am not smart enough to have the answer but I am smart enough to know until we cut back on our use, the prices will probably not go down much -- demand and supply. We demand a lot.

I wonder what would happen if everyone -- I mean everyone all 308,745,539 people in the United States (from the 2010 Census), just stayed home one day. If all industry and businesses shut down, trucks stayed parked, all vehicles remained parked, and airplanes stayed on the ground for 24 hours, would the prices go down because of the overflow?

Everyone staying home would be impossible. I know there would have to be exceptions. For instance, if a woman goes into labor, she can't wait 24 hours to go to the hospital and she really wants a doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist to be there.

There is a difference in a need and a want. Sometimes we have trouble keeping our necessities and wants separated.

As a rule we like to stay on the go and we don't like to drive little cars. Depending on our circumstances, sometimes we have to make changes. We will just have to wait to see what the future holds. In the meantime before we start our vehicles maybe we should take time to consider if where we are driving is within walking distance. Right now walking or riding a bicycle may be good for our checkbook as well as our health.

We live in the rural area and we really do have to use our vehicles to get around. We do not have city buses or subways to depend on but we can really try to be a little more conservative in our every day lives.

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