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So ready for spring

Posted Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at 3:23 PM

I think I speak for most everyone when I say, "I am so ready for spring." We were hit twice last week with snow and then we experienced very cold temperatures at the end of the week.

Our part of the world is just not prepared for zero degrees.

We were more fortunate than other places in the state. We did not get quite as much snow and ice causing as many wrecks. This area experienced very little to no power outage, unlike the ice storm of 2009 we remember so well.

Even the states accustomed to blizzards are having trouble keeping up with this year's winter storms.

Due to the weather, the schools will have to make arrangements for make-up days to finish out the school year. Our buses cover a lot of rural roads, as well as the highway runs, and our superintendents always keep the safety of the children first. A few more days of school is much better than risking injuries.

Area junior high basketball tournaments had to be rescheduled last week.

As we have said many times, the weather is one thing we have no control over. If it is too dry, our farmers can add water and we can water our gardens and lawns, but if it is too wet, we can't stop the rain. We can complain about it or praise it but we have to take what comes our way.

I do like living in an area where we get to enjoy all of the seasons. I don't think I would want to live where it hot all of the time or cold all of the time. I like to see the green in the spring, the harvest and the turning of the leaves in the fall, and the fields covered in snow in the winter. Once or twice a year for the snow is enough for me. I once loved the summer for camping but those days are behind me. I do still enjoy summer until it gets over 90 degrees.

The changing of the seasons give us something to look forward to, and right now I am hoping for an early spring.

Spring will officially arrive March 20 and we can only hope it brings along spring-like weather. I don't think the ground hog saw his shadow, so it has to be a good sign.

The weather report looks good for this week, and we can only hope it is correct with more to come.

This is off the subject, but I do want to wish all of our local senior boys' and girls' basketball teams good luck in the District Tournaments taking place this week.

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