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Young at heart

Posted Tuesday, January 18, 2011, at 10:55 AM

I have to be careful to not spend more time looking back than time I spend looking forward because almost everything I do brings back a memory.

I ordered from the "over 60 menu" last weekend and it brought back two memories.

Several years ago I had my mother, her sister and my grandmother all out for breakfast and when the waitress asked about senior discounts, not one of them spoke up. I decided they would rather pay the extra 50 cents than admit to being over 55 or 60.

The experience also reminded me of my Dad's 60th birthday dinner in the same restaurant where I ordered my first senior meal. We teased him about turning 60 and getting to order from the senior side. I was almost 40 at the time. Who could have known I would be ordering my first senior meal at the same restaurant 20-plus years down the road?

The economy has not been great, and with gas prices on the rise, I plan to take advantage of the senior discounts every chance I get. I have to start saving for my old age. As I have said before, I moved middle age as far as it would go and I finally had to leave it behind.

For a long time I have received senior coffee prices at a few fast food restaurants. When the cashiers are 16 or 17 I am sure I look about a hundred years old to them and they don't even ask.

I was talking to a friend recently about life in general and we decided the only thing about age that matters is one's health.

It is an old saying but a true one -- if we have our health, we have everything. I am sure anyone who is having health problems would agree.

I have been blessed through the years with good health, but I have a real compassion for people who suffer from different health issues.

We should never take for granted getting up in the morning with no major aches and pains. As we take the first step from our beds, we should remember and say a little prayer for those who cannot walk. People of all ages are undergoing various treatments for numerous health problems, and I am sure they cherish each birthday or holiday they get to celebrate with family and friends.

I am going to do my best to look forward, make plans and enjoy life every day. There are a few things I have left on my "bucket list" and hopefully I will have plenty of time to do them.

My "want to do" list is not nearly as long as it once was. I do think our wants change over the years and it is good to revisit and update our list occasionally.

I have yet to book my cruise, but I am looking at it seriously.

I read a cute little email article several years ago about an elderly lady requesting her family book her on a cruise ship instead of checking her into the nursing home. It went on to explain how the crew would take care of her, bring her food, make up her bed and see to her every need as would the nursing home. They would not have to worry about spending their Sundays visiting her in a nursing home, they could just wait on her call from ship to shore.

It sounded reasonable to me.

Age is a state of mind. In my mind I do not feel old, so therefore maybe I am not. It also depends on the age of the person looking at me. As I said before, a young person may call me the elderly lady; a middle age person might think of me as being mature, and an older person might see me as a young lady. I could be all three in the same day.

Don't count people of my generation out, we still have a lot to offer. We are not ready to be put out to pasture yet.

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