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January blahs

Posted Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 11:30 AM

Let's just keep on going forward. We are in a new year, starting a new decade.

There is always a little let down after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. In our area we usually have to endure our harshest winter weather in January and February. That does not help to elevate our mood and it seems to take a little more effort to get a little enthusiasm going.

January is just not a very exciting month. The weather is unpredictable, we are tired of shopping after Christmas and we have spent most of our extra cash. In addition, the days are short. Most everyone describes January as "slow."

We rarely get an invitation to a January wedding or a dinner party.

Right now we are seeing the gas prices go up and that doesn't help to put us in a "get up and go" mood either. Nothing can get our blood pressure rising faster than when the fuel prices go up at the pumps.

Everywhere I go the price of gas is the topic of conversation. We don't hear too much until it gets near or tops $3 a gallon. Once it gets up there, it becomes serious and we all want to express our opinion on the subject.

I don't pretend to have the answers to solve the problem, but I can certainly do my part of complaining with the best of them.

It would be nice to see the temperatures go up and the gas prices go down. If that wouldn't put us in a better mood I dare say nothing would.

We can't change the weather, so we just have to adjust our clothing. With a little self-control we might cut back on our gas consumption by staying home more when we are not working.

Curling up with a good book or watching old movies on television can be a good way to spend the January days while we look forward to spring. The time will more than likely pass faster than we really want it to.

Do not let the January blahs get us down. Just remember the ice storm in January of 2009 and be thankful for our lights and heat.

We did wake up to a little snow Monday morning. I am sure the kids all loved it. It has been many years since my children were in school, but I can remember their excitement when they got a snow day. I guess it is like an unexpected holiday for them. They couldn't wait to get outside and make tracks in the snow and try to build a snowman.

I have to admit everything does look really beautiful early in the morning covered in white.

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