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Don't forget Thanksgiving

Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 10:01 AM

The economy may be bad but I could not notice it on Saturday as I tried to find a parking place or a short check-out line. It seemed everyone was already shopping for Christmas with baskets full.

I have Christmas shopped in various ways. One year I remember starting in January and shopping throughout the year buying two presents a week. Other years I have waited until after Thanksgiving to begin on what is well known as the busiest shopping day of the year. Other years I have caught myself just a week or so away from Christmas with a long list left.

As a rule, I do the majority of my Christmas shopping on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If Saturday's crowd is any indication of how it is going to be the next few weeks, I predict we better get started or everything will be gone.

Let's not get so wrapped up in Christmas we overlook Thanksgiving next week. I have my turkey in the freezer and my fixings for pumpkin pie.

After Thanksgiving I hope we can find some time to start our Christmas candy making. Most years before Christmas I like to spend time with my mother (the best candy maker in the world) and make Christmas candy and cookies.

A few years my daughter and her daughters joined us for our kitchen day. It was so great to have four generations together in one kitchen. We also used some of my grandmother's recipes so it was like having five generations all together once again.

I hope we can find a time this year to get together for a fun day of baking, candy making and sampling.

Again, let's not skip Thanksgiving. I have to commend churches and organizations preparing Thanksgiving dinners for people. I have a large family and we have no problems filling the house on the holidays, but there are people who do not have family to be with on the holidays and a community dinner is a great place for them to enjoy a meal and friendship.

All of us can look around and find someone to share with. We can usually find shut-ins to take plates to, we can donate food or cash to groups providing dinners, volunteering to help with the community dinners, or other ways.

Like I said we have a big family but we always have room for one more.

As great as holidays are, it can be a lonely, hard time for people. Let's look around and see if we can help make it better. We can't solve the problems of the whole world but we can make things a little better in our own neighborhood.

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