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Should we stay home?

Posted Tuesday, August 10, 2010, at 2:51 PM

Should we stay home Friday since it is a Friday the 13th. I have never been terribly superstitious but I have to admit there is something about Friday the 13th that makes me stop and take notice. My head tells me it is just another Friday and whatever would happen would happen if it was Friday the 14th but it does make one wonder. I think it because of all of those scary movies made.

Maybe there should be a test to see if we are superstitious. I guess it could have questions like:

1. Would you walk under a ladder?

2. If a black cat ran in front of your vehicle, would you turn around?

3. Do you always make a point of going out the same door you entered in?

4. Would you change any of your activities because it is Friday the 13th?

5. Does it bother you to spill salt?

If you said yes to three or more of these, you may be superstitious.

We can be happy to know this is the only Friday the 13th of 2010.

I don't guess I am supersititious because I will be working on Friday the 13th just like any other Friday and I have never turned around because of a black cat. I try not to walk under ladders because I don't want to bump my head and spilling salt does not bother me. I would not even notice if I go in and out the same door.

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