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Don't forget Dad

Posted Wednesday, June 16, 2010, at 3:22 PM

Sunday is Father's Day, and if you are fortunate enough to still have your Dad, don't forget to wish him a happy Father's Day.

My Dad passed away five years ago and I still miss him daily. I had no idea that Sunday in 2005 would be our last Father's Day together.

I don't mean for this to be a depressing column, so I will focus on the 55 years we shared and all of the lessons he taught me. There is no doubt in my mind he loved me and my siblings even when we were not very lovable. He was not a man to show affection, but we knew if we needed him he would be there.

Dad taught me to ride a bicycle and later to drive a car. He even let me drive a tractor occasionally from field to field. He taught me to water ski before I was five years old, showing more patience than any one person should have. He taught me to roller skate.

Most of all, he tried to teach me the importance of work and being honest.

He could fix almost anything. The one and only thing I remember he couldn't get going was one of my granddaughter's first four-wheelers. I have to give him credit for trying. When he finally gave up, he took it to a shop and the professional could not make it run either.

He was not perfect, but neither am I.

When I was a teenager, I could never understand why it bothered him so for us to sleep late on Saturdays. My dad had a thing about staying in bed past 7 a.m. It drove him nuts for us to sleep in, and he would start waking us up bright and early.

He did not like for us to stay on the telephone. For some reason he thought we should just say what needed to be said and hang up.

He did not read the book explaining to parents how much damage they could do if they spank their children. Yes, he believed in spanking when we misbehaved.

I always accused him of being a better grandfather than father. As children we got punished for some of the same things he thought were cute when our children did them. He mellowed even more when the great-grandchildren came along.

I am sure this describes a lot of fathers and should bring back a lot of fond memories.

Fathers have a big responsibility and sometimes they do not get enough credit for what they do.

I want to say to all of the fathers out there to make sure they set the example for their children, because fatherhood is the most important job in any man's life.

As I said before, children, as well as grown-ups, make sure you wish your fathers a happy Father's Day.

We should all remember to respect and honor our fathers, not only once a year in June, but every chance we get.

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