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Safety first
Posted Tuesday, October 28, at 1:37 PM
Friday will be a big day for little ghosts, goblins, princesses, pirates, super heroes and all of the other characters children will turn into on Halloween. Halloween has been a favorite time for children even before I was a child and that goes back a long way...

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Home again
Posted Tuesday, October 21, at 10:29 AM

My husband Dale and I returned home Friday with an additional 2,000 miles on our vehicle. We went to Yorktown, Vir., to celebrate with our grandson on his 13th birthday and attend one of his football games. As always we had a great time visiting with our son and his family. I am thankful we had the opportunity to go and I am always thankful when we arrive home safely...

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October is breast cancer awareness month
Posted Tuesday, October 14, at 1:04 PM

October is breast cancer awareness month and we are seeing a lot of pink. The annual campaign originated to increase awareness of the disease. We need the reminder to keep us on our toes. Early detection is so important. Research has come a long way and survival rates have increased. It is easy to put off and ignore a test, such as a mammogram, when we feel fine and don't think anything is wrong...

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Another milestone
Posted Tuesday, October 7, at 11:35 AM

Sept. 29 was the fifth anniversary of the day my husband and I had our last cigarette. It was not easy to quit and it has not been easy to stay quit. Surely after five years I can use the word "quit." I have always been reluctant to say I quit because it sounds so final...

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Only 85 days
Posted Tuesday, September 30, at 2:36 PM

The final quarter of 2014 is here. We all know what that means -- Christmas is truly just around the corner. Yes, you heard right, around the corner means 85 days until Christmas. I did notice last week the stores are putting out Christmas items and I thought it was a little early. Now that I see the calendar, it is not as early as I first thought...

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Autumn has arrived
Posted Tuesday, September 23, at 11:46 AM

We have gone into another season. Today is the first day of autumn 2014. It seems the weather for the different seasons has become a little more unpredictable but for sure we can look forward to cooler mornings, leaves turning, fields of white cotton and the search for our light-weight jackets...

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Pass it on
Posted Tuesday, September 16, at 11:55 AM

We live in a world where we continually hear bad news and too many times good news or good people get overlooked. Recently I received a call from a Caraway resident, Donna Lucy, who wanted to share a good neighbor story. She was the recipient of not one but two or three acts of kindness all in one day...

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Patriot Day -- remember
Posted Wednesday, September 10, at 3:00 PM

Thursday is Patriot Day, also known as National Day of Service and Remembrance, a day designated to remember the 2,977 who were killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack. It was an act that truly did change our way of thinking. Thursday will be the 13th anniversary of what is referred to as 9/11...

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Back to work
Posted Tuesday, September 2, at 3:24 PM

I hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day 2014. It really is one of the last holidays of the year with summer weather for visiting lakes or being outside. The next holiday we have to look forward to will be Thanksgiving. We are never sure about the weather in November, but we know it will be too cold for swimming. Many of us like to spend the day after Thanksgiving Christmas shopping since we can't go in the water...

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National Dog Day
Posted Tuesday, August 26, at 9:24 AM

Today, Aug. 26, is National Dog Day. I would not have known there was such a day but I have a calendar with all of these special days marked. As usual, when I don't know for sure about a topic, I go to the source of all sources and Google it for the facts. I discovered the calendar is correct and today is National Dog Day, an unofficial national holiday founded in 2004 to promote abuse-free lives for man's best friends...

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Another milestone
Posted Tuesday, August 19, at 10:36 AM

Dale and I have been married 47 years today. Yes, Aug. 19, 1967, is our wedding date. We were both much smaller, had more hair, and thought we would long be dead before we celebrated a 47th anniversary. I was almost 17 years old and he was almost 21 when we married. Like most young people, we thought if you were over 39, your days had to be numbered...

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Last week of freedom
Posted Tuesday, August 12, at 1:04 PM

It has been a good summer. The weather has been summery but not in the three digit numbers. If I must complain, it would be too many mosquitoes but other than the pesky insects I have enjoyed the season. School is about to start and I wish all of our students and teachers a good year...

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Back to school bargain hunting
Posted Tuesday, August 5, at 3:57 PM

It was shopping time last weekend as we were all encouraged to go out and spend and save as we enjoyed the state tax free holiday weekend. Every little bit helps and with "back to school sales" and "no tax" hopefully families will be able to save on getting their children ready for school...

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Old dogs can learn new tricks
Posted Tuesday, July 29, at 1:57 PM

I said I wouldn't, but I have, and now just when texting is probably going to be obsolete, I have started texting. Most people in this world under 30 probably started texting before they could walk and to them my announcement is a "so what." Actually, texting was a difficult decision for me and one I fought for several years...

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Remember when?
Posted Tuesday, July 22, at 10:14 AM

Remember when you had the energy to work and play? I am sure most everyone can relate to the days when we could put in a hard eight or ten hours at work and still have enough get up to go out and play a game of softball or jog a mile or two. As I drive to work and back I take notice of people jogging, riding bicycles or walking. ...

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Half full or half empty?
Posted Tuesday, July 15, at 9:56 AM

We have all heard the old adage the glass can be half empty or it can be half full. Okay, does that mean 2014 is half over or should we just say we have half the year left? Whichever you choose it means the same and we are well into the year. As I was working on my list for the week (I have written columns on my obsession with lists) the date hit me and I realized the sixth month is gone. ...

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A time to celebrate
Posted Tuesday, July 8, at 9:40 AM

We celebrated our country's birthday on Friday with picnics, family reunions, barbecues and fireworks. Hopefully, we all took a moment to appreciate why we were celebrating. We had the privilege to enjoy this holiday, and all others, because our ancestors declared they wanted to be free...

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Home again, home again
Posted Tuesday, July 1, at 1:19 PM

Vacation is like Christmas. You look forward and plan for it and then it comes and goes and becomes a memory. As I have said many times before, a week of vacation passes so much faster than a week at work. Our family chose Pigeon Forge, Tenn., for this year's vacation. It had been almost 25 years since I visited the area and it is good to go back and see how things have changed...

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Summer has arrived
Posted Tuesday, June 24, at 8:59 AM

I am having a difficult time keeping my word of not complaining about the hot weather. During the cold of winter I made a promise I would not complain if it ever got warm again. Summer officially arrived on Saturday but warmer weather arrived earlier. Last Saturday I was at an 8 and under softball tournament (with my granddaughter) and even with sunscreen and a hat, I got a little too much sun and came home with a red face...

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Another Father's Day
Posted Tuesday, June 17, at 1:19 PM

Father's Day has come and gone and I have to apologize for failing to mention it beforehand. Call it old age but lately events arrive much sooner than I expect. Father's Day is a day set aside to honor our fathers. We know we should honor them every day but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a day just for them...

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